Our Approach

Blue Veil Films supports the restoration of voices belonging to historically excluded communities seeking to reclaim their narratives through story sharing and education. 

​The heartbeat of our practice is born from the belief that stories are best expressed by the lives that walk through them. Our process is to listen and work with communities to create channels that allow individuals to assert their experience truthfully

When narrative work is assigned to corporate entities non-reflective of the community, this holds the danger of creating misconceptions.  Often times this comes as a result of failing to include community in the process. 

    “Community cannot be reduced to a simple buzzword when it's where

    you’re from. You have to remember, you’re not walking onto a set

    you are entering a community.”                         - Shireen Alihaji and Jaime Ballesteros

Our community centered approach responds by encouraging partners to create more accountability in storytelling. We are 50% Women owned and represent BIPOC and differently abled people raised in single/blended family homes. We range from different socioeconomic backgrounds local to Los Angeles.  Our team is multilingual and have created content for APPI and Spanish speaking communities.