Montage to honor Ramadan

Reflections of peace within collective prayer.  Moments captured by various news/documentary clips of:
Harlem’s Mosque of Islamic Brotherhood, Local Mosques in Chiapas Mexico, El Centro Islamico, Solano Prison, A 
Prayer Beyond Borders, Public Prayers from around the world.

Sounds from Nichola Britell      

Footage used with permission of The Women’s Mosque of America:

Small Business Big Heart

Paying homage to local owned businesses that have serviced our community. Archived footage of First Street Business Alliance of Boyle Heights featuring Un Solo Sol, J and R Ice Cream, Corona Market, Yeyas, Luisitos Super Tortas, Musical Instruments, El Casa Del Mariachi, Belems Discount

Music: Nils Frahm

Hope Spreads

Video from social media posts around the world, sharing the collective hope spreading from the pandemic.

Music: Mica Levi

Silence Los Angeles

In collaboration with USWW, a film meditating on silence in times of great uncertainty.


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