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​The heartbeat of our practice is born from the belief that stories are best expressed by the lives that walk through them.

When narrative work is assigned to corporate entities non-reflective of the community, this holds the danger of creating misconceptions.  Often times this comes as a result of failing to include community in the process. 

Our community centered approach responds by encouraging partners to create more accountability in storytelling.




Our clients are change makers leading social movements and dismantling unjust power structures.  Blue Veil Films has serviced organizations big and small, from local grassroots collectives to national labor unions, nonprofits and creative agencies.  

We manage multiple teams across all scales of production from development to delivery in collaboration with our clients, partners and community.  We’ve executed fast-paced current event pieces for same-day circulation as well as long running social impact campaigns, years in the making.  

Topically, we support multimedia content creation addressing inequities most interwoven to us as residents of Los Angeles county. Much of our work is intersectional, trauma informed and advocacy driven.